A Tour of Ten Games Which Help Explain Why This Kids-Focussed Platform Is The Future of Play

CW: discussion of online child abuse, includes a link to an article describing an incident.

Part I: What is Roblox?
Part II: Getting Started
Part III: The List (Jump To The List)

Part I: What is Roblox?

Image shows a launch page for a Roblox game called ‘Cart Ride into Nicki Minaj!’
Unfortunately, this is NOT on the official list

For me, Roblox was to games as TikTok is to social media: I know it’s there, I know it’s fun, but I’m just ‘too old’ and, frankly, content with my perfectly satisfying, healthy Twitter and Instagram habits. The first time I heard of Roblox sounded distinctly like the first of the many times I heard of Fortnite, Minecraft or, once upon a time, ‘dabbing’.

In 2020–21, for reasons…

Marigold Bartlett

I’m an artist & game developer from Melbourne, trying to learn how to write down the stuff I think about. I am currently working on a game called Wayward Strand

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